1. Articles must be in Word format and must be submitted by email.
  2. Articles should be 800 to 2000 words.
  3. Articles should have at least three relative photographs and we reserve the right to determine if we will use or not use photographs submitted with articles. In some cases, FISHWRITER.COM may require a signed release for submitted photographs. As a writer, it is your responsibility and a good policy to have a release signed by people in your photographs.
  4. Articles must not have photographs included in them. Attach them to your email and submit them in your e-mail.
  5. All photos must have a caption relative to the photo.
  6. Photographs must be JPG files less than 1.0 meg in size sent via e-mail and no less than 250 pixels wide and must be original, unpublished photographs.
  7. General requirements for all photographs are sharp focus, variety of close-ups, and even lighting. Pay attention to the background; no clutter, beer cans, dress appropriately, no cigarettes, and you get the idea.
  8. Photograph filenames should be called photo01.jpg, photo02.jpg, photo03.jpg and so on.
  9. To indicate where you want photographs to appear in an article write in parenthesis, (photo01.jpg), (photo02.jpg), (photo03.jpg) in the text where you want the photograph to appear. Use the same format for photograph captions when appropriate.
  10. In order to provide you with proper credits we will need a passport size photograph of you, a brief bio, and any sponsors or employees you have related to fishing and hunting.
  11. You must have a valid e-mail address.
  12. The article you submit must be your original unpublished work. Plagiarized or copyrighted material is strictly prohibited. We do not sell submitted articles to any other publication.
  13. Unless you are a professional, credentialed outdoor writer with a prior written agreement from FISHWRITER.COM, no payments are made or should be expected for publishing articles or for any information provided by manufacturers or distributors.
  14. Stay on topic, do not fluff an article.
  15. Being conversational in an article is good.
  16. Be careful with jokes or joking around, joking is okay – offending someone is not. Do not be critical unless you have verifiable reason and FISHWRITER.COM reserves the right to request verification for submitted material.
  17. Do not abbreviate in articles for publication. The format, for example, is 10-feet or 10-foot, 4-ounce, 5-pounds, or 6-inch. Bass is generic, use largemouth bass or smallmouth bass.
  18. Be very conservative with the use of product or manufactures names and avoid using them whenever possible.
  19. Always proof read your articles. Check sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and grammar and your use of the English language.
  20. Know your subject, panfish and bream are not species of fish here in the United States use these two terms correctly.
  21. FISHWRITER.COM reserves the right to modify or edit articles before publication to conform to our guidelines and for proofing purposes.
  22. We encourage you to become an outdoor writer and will help you with the process as much as is practical. Don’t worry about being able to conjugate a verb, jump in and give writing a try. We don’t expect you to be perfect when you are new to the field and we will help you with advice when we can.
  23. When you’re ready to submit your article, e-mail us at editor@fishwriter.com.
  24. If you wish to submit press releases, please send them to editor@fishwriter.com.