We strongly encourage and will do our best to support new writers. We will be as critical of your work as needed to meet our standards. Our goal is to assist you in becoming the best outdoor writer you can be. If you are new to the outdoor writing field and would like to submit an article for publication, email us for a copy of our Writers Guidelines.

FISHWRITER.COM is always interested in well-written articles supported with good photography on subjects related to hunting and fishing. Writing and photography go hand and hand in the outdoor field. We also reserve the right to make the final decision as to what will and will not be published on the FISHWRITER.COM website.

Articles should be between 800 and 2,000 words. Although most feature articles are where-to how-to articles about fishing and hunting, we are also open to articles about product innovations and trends related to hunting and fishing. We are not interested in anti-anything, negative reviews or politics. Again, we reserve the right to make the final decision as to what will and will not be published on the FISHWRITER.COM website. 


What we are interested in is, where-to how-to articles related to fishing and hunting. All articles should be accompanied with at least three high quality photographs relative to the article.

Explain how and why your article is something our readers would want to read. We will respond with feedback within a couple of days, unless of course we are out of the office fishing or hunting.


  1. Read some of the material on our website and determine if your writing is relative.
  2. Get a copy of FISHWRITER.COM “Writers Guidelines.”
  3. Submit your idea
  4. Get Approval
  5. Set Deadline
  6. Be sure to proof-read, spellcheck and check references.
  7. Submit Final Copy – IN WORD FORMAT ONLY.
  8. Get Published
  9. We only accept e-mail submissions.


We use the “open publishing” model for articles. In exchange for your article, we give you exposure and promotion. Author credits and bylines are always acknowledged. The byline commonly appears between the title and the start of the article, prefaced by the word “By” or “From” or other wording. The byline could also appear at the end of the article, sometimes as part of a mini-bio of the author. Typically, we use both formats for article submittals.